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A good book is a source of great knowledge and wealth for many generations.

Books Harbor is flexible book retail chain. Books Harbor stands strong with three stores in three cities, and aspires to be spread all over in INDIA. Books Harbor presenting great books shopping experience and to reinvent the way books are bought and sold in India. Books Harbor focused on stocking of books and other related product like stationery, Cds, Magazines as varied interest for the book lovers of the city. Books Harbor, the multi- format company with its Flexi format structure has the potential to utilise 200 to 1000 sq feet space, including independent stores and co-located stores, as location is the key strategy. Books Harbor feels comfortable Co-location and Co-branding with cafes, airports, metro stations, hotels, hospitals and other public places.

Are you looking for Franchise contact Mr. Pritam Singh # 9810556261

Unit Area Store Wise
Rs. 5 lac Rs.10 lac.
Franchise/ Brand Fee
Not for first upcoming ten Store
Royalty/ Commission-
Subject to sale Amount
How much working capital is required in franchise addition to this :
20000 - 50000 per month
Is there exclusive territorial rights -
Given to a unit franchise:
Are any performance guarantees
Subject to Market Situation
What is the anticipated percentage return on investment? :
15 25%
What is the likely payback period of capital for a unit franchise -
2-3 years  or subject to Market
Are there other investment requirements:

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Ps Books Harbor Pvt. Ltd.

76, Bajaj Bhawan, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400021
T- 022-22020606, 9711456261


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